Opening hours
10:00 am - 11:00 pm
​7 days a week

Sphinx restaurant serves dishes from oriental and international cuisines. It is the largest chain of casual dining restaurants and one of the most popular restaurant brands in Poland. Within menu every customer finds something tailored to their tastes, starting from the delicious steaks and fish dishes, salads, vegetarian meals, and ending with the sweet desserts and excellent coffee. The restaurant’s speciality is the cult Shoarma® inspired by an oriental waves. We also offer a lunch menu and Sphinx Student Menu. In selected restaurants breakfast menu available. Sphinx Kids Menu include meals prepared with children’s preferences in mind.

Sphinx Restaurant is a perfect place for every occasion, for business meeting or for family and friends catch up. There are already well over 100 of restaurants which are located in shopping centres and on the main streets of the largest Polish cities.

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