TAM Gdzie Zawsze

Opening hours:
09:30 am - last client
7 days a week

Bagażownia Zyner’s Restaurant is created in the building which as the only one has reminded within the old station building structure in Sopot. For many years, luggage room served as a base for tourists coming to Sopot, especially for those who accommodated in the Grand Hotel, from where their luggage was carried by Hotel Boys. Restaurant menu is based on the traditions of Polish Jews, but it will not be a restaurant with kosher food. Secrets of our meals strongly allude to the Polish recipes of the Zyner’s family ancestors. The variety of herring dishes, high-quality beef, goose meat and marine fish will dominate our menu. One of the main courses will be based on the dish of Shakshouka Israel Army which main ingredients are vegetables and goat’s cheese. In our offer you will also find a raw herring spawn and duck prepared in the real coal fired oven – it is a soul of this place. Master chef Tomasz Pietranek is going to be the chef of our kitchen who works in Antewka restaurant since 15 years and honed his skills in Austria and Lithuania. Bagażownia Room Zyner’s Restaurant will be open from 9 o’clock in the morning and as the restaurant owner hopes - to the morning of the next day what for him means until last customer leaves.    

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